SEO Packages India That Fit Your Business Goals

SEO is substantially broad and it includes several practices and categories. On a broader level, the SEO packages are categorized into three major categories. These categories are global, local, and the third is eCommerce.

What is Included in our Monthly SEO Packages & Plans?

Our Monthly SEO packages include a wide range of SEO Activities. Each service is engineered to improve your SERPs ranking. However, depending on your unique needs, you may opt to forego a service or two- those you deem unhelpful for your current situation. Look at the sub-packages to see which versions of our three main packages best suit your immediate situation. Under our SEO Pricing, we work on following major areas:

This stage begins with an in-depth analysis of your site to evaluate the scope of your SEO needs. The findings here guide all the other steps. We do our keyword analysis at this stage and determine the most effective search terms for your business. Architectural problems, revealed in the analysis, are forwarded to our development team. Broken links are also identified at this stage, and favorable measures determined. We also check for Google penalties, which are then forwarded to our penalty recovery experts. Depending on the package, competition analysis may also be carried out to determine the best strategies for ranking higher than your main competitors. We also check for duplicate content on your pages and delete repetitions to ensure a leaner and faster-loading site. In a nutshell, this stage is used to identify all the main SEO issues that face your brand.

On-page optimization (on-page SEO) is a collective name given to all SEO strategies implemented directly on your website’s pages. Content is king. We ensure that your content is both optimized and relevant to your target audience. We also optimize your Title and Meta tags to ensure they comply with SEO best practices. Your URL structures are then re-organized to reflect your pages’ hierarchy. On-page SEO affects your clients directly; it’s the only form of optimization that directly interacts with your visitors. That makes on-page SEO very significant. Depending on the package, you can also get location-based analysis. This type of analysis is vital if you want to rank in a specific locality.

Search engines love great content. We’ll help you generate content that is both engaging and informative. We conform our content to the best SEO practices. Our time-tested team of writers research the net, conduct studies, and create the most relevant articles and blogs for your site. Good content also helps generate backlinks. Our professional blogs and articles will help you rise to become a respected voice in your field. We only hire niche experts to write for us, so your articles are in good hands. Finally, we compile relevant research and case studies into PDF giveaways to enhance the visitor experience.

Videos are very popular in the digital marketplace. A third of the average internet user’s time is spent watching videos. This is why 87% of all online marketers use videos. Video becomes especially important if you are targeting millennials; millennials watch more online videos than any other demographic. Our video marketers oversee the creation of the most relevant videos and upload them to various social media platforms. We are mainly concerned with YouTube marketing because it’s the most popular video platform on the planet. Over 500 million hours of video content is watched on the platform every day.

Structure Data Markups are codes that tell search engines what a page is about. These codes help search engines provide the most relatable user results. In return, the search engine algorithm rewards the page with a higher ranking. This powerful SEO strategy is the most ignored SEO practice today. Structure Data Markup allows a lot of user-relevant information to be packed into your SERPs. This will enable visitors to determine the nitty-gritty of a page without necessarily clicking on it. Such information catches the eye of your visitors. Some may even prefer to visit your page over a higher-ranking page.  

Local SEO helps businesses rank highly for localized search terms. When your company creates a buzz in its locality, chances are the greater market will glance to see what’s causing the commotion. We help you rank for local keywords and help your business build a following. We optimize your content for your local market and trigger engagement. Most of the people, in your locality, looking your business up, will almost always buy from you. Our local SEO services also adds your business’ details to the relevant online business directories. This will make your business pop-up in the related local searches.

Offsite SEO refers to strategies implemented outside a website’s pages. The first is link building; we generate healthy backlinks for your site. We also launch various social media marketing plans to get people talking about your brand. That’s off-page SEO in a nutshell; getting a handle on how your brand is perceived in the market. We also guest blog on various authority sites to generate more high-value backlinks for your pages. Finally, on request, we can engage relevant brand influencers to market your product.

  1. No Obligatory Contracts / No Lock in Periods
  2. Proven Results
  3. Reliable
  4. Efficient & Highly Skilled Project Managers
  5. Leaders in Industry
  6. Adaptive
  7. Affordable
  8. Google / Hubspot / Facebook Certified Professionals
  9. Access to Project Management Tools
  10. High Response Rate
  11. Understand Values of Big Businesses & Small Businesses too.

Whether you’re a small business or a publicly traded corporation, what company isn’t always in search of new ways to improve, adapt to modern times, and continue to grow? Whether you’re looking to increase revenue through eCommerce SEO or improve the quality of your inbound leads, continuing to move your business forward is crucial to success.

We’ve built our business on the success of the companies we work for. We are interested in long-lasting, mutually-beneficial partnerships with our clients. When you are successful, we are successful. This dedication to results and providing a positive ROI on your marketing spend separates us from the majority of search engine marketing agencies you will encounter.

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